This is my individual project that conclues the MSc in Advanced Computing at Imperial College.

Here is a complete documentation of the LPS framework.

See the API documentation:

The class diagram of the project is available here.

Getting Started

The JLps software that is quite basic does not need any complex installation. In the archive file, a JLPS.jar is provided. You can also download it from here It contains the last version of the software. If you want to use the program via another way, the sources are also provided in the archive file.

To invoke the program from the .jar file you must run a console line. Then to invoke the program on Windows you go where the .jar file is. There, type the following command:

Path\to\your\Java\bin\java.exe -jar JLPS .jar path\to\your\input\file
The path can be either an absolute or a relative path. If you have already set in the path a command java you may use it instead of the complete path the binary.

On a Linux machine this is pretty much the same except that you should use the / instead of the \.

The software highlights the queries to the user with the colour cyan. Every queries will suggest a default answer. In the case of a yes-no question, the default answer will be in capital letter. For instance, this [Y/n] would mean that the yes is the default. So if you want to answer yes, simply hit enter without typing any character. Similarly, the default answer of an open question will be put in between the brackets alone, like that: [2]. The warnings are in yellow.